1. Grumpy dude wearing flannel Simpsons pajama pants (Downtown) Columbia, SC June 2010

  2. 5th Street Downtown Philadelphia, PA August 2012

  3. Shreveport, LA February 2014

  4. Soul in the Seat (@ Proper Image Barber) Philadelphia, PA August 2013

  5. Tree at Kelly Drive Philadelphia, PA August 2013

  6. Roque House Natchitoches, LA March 2014

  7. aseriousmann:

    I was recently commissioned to photograph five generations of descendants of Solomon Northup, author of “12 Years a Slave”. The feature can be seen in this week’s newsstand ‘Oscar’s Edition’ of The Hollywood Reporter as well as here.

    However small, I feel honored to play a role in the sharing of Solomon Northup’s legacy. It was definitely an experience that I’ll always treasure. Enjoy!

    Descendants of Solomon Northup

    (via poppascrew)


  8. littlescarletbird asked: Are you located in Shreveport? I am from that area and love seeing your photos from there.

    Hi. Thanks for visiting the site and posting a question.

    I recently moved to Natchitoches from Philadelphia. Since Shreveport is pretty close I have made it my go to when I need to be in a “city”. I love vernacular architecture and I was excited when I heard that there is an effort to preserve some of the shotgun houses that are found around downtown Shreveport. So on my first visit I made sure I went downtown to take some photos of them.